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I use an approach which tries to create a broader picture, thinking about overall musicianship rather than the niche technicalities. I believe this will allow students to break out of the ‘bedroom player’ phenomenon. My aim is to give people the necessary skills which will enable them to play with other musicians, whether it be in a rock band, a symphony orchestra, or simply enjoying playing songs with friends around a camp fire. Music can enrich many situations in our lives and participating in the music can give us so much in return.


How it works

I can give a number of different lessons. These include but are not restricted to:


  • Instrumental tuition

  • Composition and arranging

  • Theory

  • Artistic Development

  • Jazz and improvisation


Within all of these lessons there will be certain areas I will focus on and some of these areas apply to whichever form of tuition you may wish to take. This is what enables me to work with such a broad spectrum of instruments, abilities and interests. These areas are:


Ear Development 

  • Music Appreciation

  • How to learn from listening

  • Interval, chordal and articulation recognition

  • Transcription


Theoretical development

  • Reading and understanding music notation

  • Functional harmony

  • Rhythm

  • Advanced techniques


Technical development

  • This will focus on specific techniques related to which type of tuition you have chosen and/or what instrument you play


Artistic Development

  • How what you play relates to emotion 

  • What is your message? Your vision? Your goal? And how can you achieve this.

  • What is your image as an artist, how does the world perceive you?

  • How we can make sure what we express is interpreted in the correct way



They usually last 1h-1h30 and are given weekly, though I am always open to other requests. Lessons are given either directly in your home or in a place of convenience.



£40 Per Hour -  Packages available 


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