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A Bit About Me

The Cornish countryside is a quaint place to grow up in. With stimulation and inspiration turned up to the max, it’s quite easy to forget yourself, or rather, forget about school. Music and sport seemed of far more interest, and with the encouragement of knowing I could pursue anything I wished, why would I not spend my concentration on these things? 


Fast forward X amount of years and a shoulder reconstruction later, sport isn't so much a part of my life these days. But music, or more appropriately, Art is my driving force to the meaning of my existence. 


Performing nationally and internationally since the age of the 12, I have been lucky enough for music to take me to 3 continents so far, including playing in both Manhattan and London Jazz festivals. I have been arranging, composing, recording and collaboratively writing in various musical contexts for a number of years, and have had my photography work exhibited in both London and LA. I find myself an all-round general creative. The list of what I do is growing with time, or more ambitiously in fact shortening to simply Art.

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