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Daniel Woodfield & Friends

Cornish Roots Meets Londons Groove 

Cornwall is a land of tin and stone, sweeping waves and howling winds, every town has its own celebrations through out the year with specific song, dance and music that are shared by all and passed down the generations. Living there till the age of 18 Daniel was un aware of how in grained these cultural traditions were in him, and how affected by the stories myths and legends his ideologies would become. With projects such as MIMIKA (Ritualistic inspired Balkan Space Jazz), Oxford MAQAM Big Band (Re creating music from 1950’s Cairo), Noga Ritter (West African Inspired Israeli singer) Big Beat Manifesto (Drum and Bass meets Electro Jazz) and being invited on stage by the likes of Orchestra Baobab (Dakar 2018) Daniel has experienced contrasting worlds of music and culture. The aim of this project is about finding the common point within all of these, the music itself may differ from place to place but the intended result is inevitably the same. People coming together to express joy, to dance, to sing, and connect with our own selves and heritage in a communal place. 

I use a variety of line ups and musicians from across Londons music scene, all with their own specialities and passions. Ranging from specialists in Indian Classical, Brazilian Choro, Djembe or Rumba this brings a richness and grounding to the music that can only be found in such a diverse city. Each musician brings with them their knowledge and stylistic playing so that there is always a fresh quality to the sound and no two shows with different personal will sound the same, creating a unique experiance for the audience at each show.

Some of the musicians include

Rachel Hayter (Alvorado)
Javi Perez (Cykada)
Giuliano Osello (London Afrobeat Collective)

Dolan Jones (Payazen!)
Danny Wallington (The Conducter)
Tom Smith (Thomas James Smith)
Gabor Halasz (Raka) 

Line Ups


Whistle & Guitar


2 Whistles/Flutes, Percussion

Whistle, Guitar, Percussion



2 Whistles/Flutes, Guitar, Percussion

Other Instruments sometimes included; Violin, Acordian 

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